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The guiding principle behind Align Media has always remained the same: Uniqueness.


Recognising the need for bespoke video content that is brave and smart enough to resist the status quo, Align Media UK specialises in creating bespoke video content for brands and businesses with distinct personalities and a strong guiding ethos.


We believe that brands, much like the people behind them, are unique, and we aim to create videos that reflect that belief. Drawing upon a wealth of experience from documentary and fiction filmmaking, Align Media brings a multi-faceted approach to any project, but always with the same mindset: to create something individual and distinct. Taking our cues from our customers, we're all about learning what makes a brand tick; the whos, whys and hows - and make it our task to parlay that DNA into an effective end product that simultaneously achieves the goals of a given campaign, but also draws upon the human element of any business in using identity itself as an effective marketing tool. 

To date, we have helped capture events, brand videos and more from a range of businesses around the South of England, be they with video or photo. 

Business always starts with people - and people communicate with stories. It's a simple concept, but one that we feel holds water. Now, in an increasingly visual, digital age, capturing these stories and outputting them in the right way is more important than ever and that process for us, always begins with listening and finding new perspectives.

If you would like to get in touch and see what Align can do for you, just drop us an email and we'll get straight back to you. We're always excited for another story.

"I'm so happy and proud of how this video came out, Alex really managed to represent my personality perfectly. The whole filming process was fun and he really made me feel comfortable enough in front of a camera"
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Founder of Siscribbles
"It was a real treat to work with Align Media on this project and I’m so pleased with the beautiful video Alex has created."
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Founder of Claire's Cookies
Brands we've worked with
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Alex Wilks
Producer / Director
The founder of Align Media, Alex is a keen documentarist and writer who has experience making long-form documentaries, music video production and photography.
He has a passion for stories with a social message and those with strong cultural roots.
See Alex's portfolio here

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